About Us

Who do you turn to when it hits the fan? Everyone has days when it seems everything is rigged against them and life has conspired to break them. In a world where people are more concerned about what’s going on out there and not concerned about what’s going on around; in days where the government will spend more on weapons of war than on strategies for peace; in these days where we brag about who owns the most toys, not caring about the issues that plague our closest neighbor, we all need a place where we can unburden our hearts without any restriction or inhibition.

The One Habitat is the place where our common humanity is put ahead of skin colour, religious affiliation or personal agendas.

We are the ear that listens, the hand that reaches and the heart that cares.

We know that there are days when you just want to talk to someone who will just listen.

That’s what we do best. We listen.

We listen to your deepest hurts, your greatest desires. We are there at your darkest times and weakest moments and best of all your moments of strength, all you can be assured of are no critics, judgement or condemnation. We only hear your pain out.

We keep your confidences confidential.

We are here for you.